Renie Tech and Moro Hub Celebrate Raffle Prize Handover in a Ceremony Emphasizing Sustainable Partnership

In a special ceremony held at the Moro Hub office on January 25th, Renie Tech, represented by CEO Sander van Waes, proudly handed over the raffle prize to the lucky winner, Shahidul Islam. The event not only celebrated the fortunate recipient of an Adidas Cricket Bat but also highlighted the partnership between Renie Tech and Moro Hub, a subsidiary of Digital DEWA, underscoring their joint commitment to sustainability.
The prize handover ceremony was graced by notable attendees including Sander van Waes (CEO, Renie Tech) and esteemed members from Moro Hub: Abdulla Ahmad Alsumaiti, Muhammad Aslam, Ayman Al Khizaimi, and Saeed Ahmed Saleh. The gathering reflected the collaborative spirit and mutual respect between the two organizations.
“This event is a testament to the strong relationship between Renie Tech and Moro Hub,” stated Sander van Waes, CEO of Renie Tech. “It goes beyond just a prize handover; it’s a celebration of our shared values and commitment towards a sustainable future.”
The ceremony was not just about the handover of the cricket bat to Shahidul Islam but also served as a platform for meaningful discussions on future collaborations and sustainability initiatives. Saeed Ahmed Saleh expressed his enthusiasm about the growing partnership, “Moro Hub is dedicated to fostering sustainable practices within the industry, and joining forces with Renie Tech amplifies our ability to make a significant impact.”