Earn while you make an impact

Our innovative platform makes it possible to generate a passive income from data monetization of plastic waste

Our innovative platform makes it possible to generate a passive income based on data monetization

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From plastic waste to money
How do we provide revenue while making the change?

How to start earning with Renie?

Spoiler, you don't need to go away from the screen

First step

Fill in the form

..and let our manager figure out the rest!

Second step

Create your bins

We will design and install your bins

Third step

Pay for the Bins

Access to your bins data will be given to your account after installation

Fourth step

Track your income, Track your impact

Clear, concise, and convenient! Meet the Bin Provider Dashboard!

Fifth step


For each kg of plastic the bin collects you receive 0.64AED. You can request a payout after reaching 185AED

Full transparency and control

With our Renie Bin Provider Hub, you can monitor every step related to the Renie Bins you’ve provided, track the impact you make, and watch the passive income you generate

Track your impact

Monitor the difference you are making by tracking the plastic collected and recycled by the Renie Bins you’ve provided. Generate tailored ESG reports about your created impact.

Track your earnings

View your earnings available for payout. As soon as the plastic has reached the recycling point and our technology has completed the monetization process, the sum becomes available for payout.

Let's make something big together!

We have already installed more than 1000+ bins all over the UAE.
A lot of government and corporate entities already believe in our mission and joined us. With you onboard we are sure that the future of plastic is digital!