We track

every piece of plastic

to ensure a 100% recycling rate through our Renie Bins. To accomplish this, we have developed a unique blockchain tracking system connected to hardware triggers.

So, how does the tracking work ?

At Renie, our goal is to ensure that the plastic collected in our bins is recycled correctly. That's why we have developed a unique plastic tracking technology that monitors every piece of plastic from the moment it is deposited in the bin until it reaches the recycler. Here's how the process works:

Plastic acceptance

The bin only opens for approved plastic materials.

Blockchain registration

Our system registers every bottle’s brand, weight, etc.

Collection recognition

The bin auto-updates plastic status upon collection.


The plastic is tracked till full recycling with our trusted partners.


traceable and verifiable.

The complete tracking history of each piece of plastic is stored and accessible through our Renie Dashboard panel. The data is stored on a decentralized blockchain, making it tamper-proof and verifiable through Renie Bin triggers.