Sustainable Partnership

The Tower Plaza Hotel &


The Tower Plaza Hotel recently announced that our innovative technology has provided them with a game-changing solution to collect plastic waste at its source.

At the Tower Plaza Hotel, they are committed to making a positive impact on the environment, and one of our collective key sustainability efforts is tackling the issue of plastic waste.

It clearly shows that their efforts combined with using Renie Smart Bins have already yielded impressive results.


Remarkable Results

Through this joint effort, The tower plaza has successfully recorded a total of 428.01 kilograms of plastic waste. This is an incredible accomplishment that highlights the potential for collective action in tackling the plastic pollution crisis.

All these bottles are 100% traced from the bin to the recycler thanks to Renie Technology. This means that thousands of plastic bottles have been diverted from harming our ecosystems.


Positive Impact

The actions of The Tower Plaza Hotel have contributed to a reduction of 808.42 kilograms of CO2 emissions, helping combat climate change. 

 Additionally, They saved an impressive 23,776.94 megajoules of energy – a testament to the positive change we can achieve when we work together for a greener future.

As The Tower Plaza Hotel continues to recover more plastic waste through Renie Smart Bins, our collective effort will only grow stronger.

At Renie we believe that our partnership with The Tower Plaza Hotel sets a powerful example, not just for the hospitality industry, but for everyone. Let’s keep working together towards a cleaner and greener world.