Let's build something big


Build a vast ecosystem of blockchain-enabled Renie Bins with us and contribute to recycling plastic in a 100% verifiable way.

Join the future of plastic waste!

Renie Bin technology offers opportunities to directly impact the environment and associate your brand with an innovative and sustainable solution that diverts plastic from landfills and reduces environmental pollution in a traceable and verifiable manner.

We are ambitious - our 2023 goals


Renie Bins to be activated

+100 Milion

Datapoints to be monetised

+3.000 Tons

Plastic to be recycled

Provide Renie Bins

By providing Renie Bins, your business can make a direct and sustainable impact on the environment. Renie Bins are strategically placed in high-traffic areas, collecting plastic and tracking it until it is recycled using blockchain technology.

Our technology allows us to collect and monetize valuable tracking data, and a portion of that value is returned to our community of bin providers as passive income.

As a Renie Bin provider, your business earns from every piece of plastic collected and recycled through the Renie Bins you provide.

Follow your companies impact in our Renie Bin provider dashboard.

Track Renie Bins you provided

Through the Renie Bin provider dashboard your business can follow every Renie Bin status in real-time.

Track plastic

You can track the status of plastic from the moment it is thrown in the Renie Bin up to the moment it is recycled.

Track your earnings

When your business provides Renie Bins, you can analyse your earnings through our Provider dashboard.

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Provide Renie Bins

Earn while you make an impact.

By providing Renie Bins, your company earns additional revenue through monetisation of the data that is collected by our technology, while you make a sustainable environmental impact.