In a world where every action counts, we believe in empowering our users to make a difference while enjoying exciting rewards. Today, we’re thrilled to announce a new feature that turns your recycled bottles into a chance to win amazing prizes!

The Vision: A Better World through Rewarding Recycling

Our vision has always been to make a meaningful impact on the planet by encouraging responsible actions. With the Raffles, we’re taking a step further towards creating a sustainable and rewarding ecosystem. By recycling your plastic bottles, you contribute to a cleaner world and get a chance to win the prize of your dreams.

How it Works

Every bottle you recycle through the app earns you a raffle ticket. These raffle tickets are your golden keys to participating in various raffles we host regularly. The more bottles you recycle, the higher your chances of being the lucky winner of exciting prizes! 

Connect to the Renie bin and DROP

bottles in one of the hundreds of spots

COLLECT bottles on your account to participate in raffles

Put your tickets together to raise your chance in a raffle and WIN amazing prizes!

The Impact: Making Every Bottle Count

Rewarding Responsible Choices

We believe in acknowledging and celebrating your eco-friendly choices. The raffles are our way of saying thank you for being a part of this sustainable movement.

Cleaning up the Planet

Each recycled bottle signifies a cleaner environment, a step closer to a world free of plastic waste.

Fostering a Community of Changemakers

Together, we are building a community that values sustainability and understands the significance of recycling in preserving our planet for future generations.

Join our mission of making the future of plastic digital!

Start today by locating the nearest Renie bin with our web application and recycling your first bottle!

Drop - Collect - Win!