The Rise of Data Monetisation in Plastic Recycling


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Thanks to our data monetisation technology, Renie empowers individuals and companies all over the world to remotely provide smart bins to collect plastic waste at source. This means that anyone, anywhere can contribute reducing plastic environmental pollution and earn a passive income while doing so.

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How does it work ?

Start making a direct impact and earn a passive income by collecting & recycling plastic waste with one single button click.

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Provide Renie Bins in Pre-defined Areas

Provide a Renie bin in one of the listed areas

Bin Activation and Servicing by Renie

Renie activates bins in the selected area and provides maintenance services for 3 years at no cost

Earn Passive Income with Renie Bins

The monetised data that our technology extracts out of plastic enables you to receive a passive income.

What is a renie smart bin

Only accepts


Gives consumer




Automatically recognises

waste collections

Uses decentralised





valuable data

Embedded cellular


Our bin services

Blockchain-enabled smart bin placement

Renie places blockchain-enabled smart bins in high-active areas to collect plastic waste in a 100% verifiable way.

Tracking Plastic Waste Stream

Renie technology is able to give real-time insights of plastic waste streams from the source up to the recycle process

Provide Waste Management Solutions

We provide waste management companies with real-time data to help optimize their logistic process

Strategic Area

Renie selects highly active areas to capture as much plastic waste as possible to reduce environmental pollution

Personal Dashboard for Managing Smart Bins

Individuals and companies all over the world can provide Renie bins through a personalised platform

Select your bin location

bin provider dashboard

Thanks to your personal bin dashboard, you can manage the Renie Bins you have provided in real time and activate additional Renie Bins in new areas with one single button click. 

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