Embrace Technology

with Renie App

Inspiring users to recycle through a comprehensive tracking and rewards systems.

How it works for consumer?

Connect through scanning QR code on Renie Bin

Connecting to the bin takes less than 3 seconds. Interface shows real time connection with the Renie Bin. After bin detects recycled bottle the system automatically adds bottles and rewards to the user’s account to track their impact and participate in various raffles.

Unlock prizes

with every bottle

For every plastic bottle user contributes, they not only help us in getting the plastic but also get to select which incredible prize they aim for. A relaxing spa day, the latest tech gadget, or a shopping spree? Recycled bottles are tickets to awesome prizes worth thousands of collected bottles.

How raffles work

After successful recycling user gets bottles to their account

These bottles can be added to the various raffles of a choice

After the raffle date users either gets notified to receive prizes

The picked bottles for the previous raffles are always available at the raffles menu