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Transparent Tracking with Renie Bins

Unveiling Renie Bins: Your Reliable and Transparent Plastic Credit Solution. Join us in tracing the incredible journey of recycled plastic and together, let’s create a positive impact on our environment.

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Now is the time to make an impact

Real time insights

Get valuable insights on plastic waste lines filtered on your brand

Undeniable & verifiable

Blockchain technology makes our data undeniable and verifiable.

Hardware triggers

Tracking is done by sensitive hardware triggers not by manual human verification.


Our plastic credits can be generated on for ex. brand or geolocated filters

Driven by Renie Bins

Blockchain enabled

Every piece of plastic gets registered on decentralised blockchain technology.


Every piece of plastic is traced to verify 100% recycling rate.

Full history

Creates a full history of every piece of plastic from the recycling back to the consumer.


Gathers valuable data & monetises it trough our different partners.

Community backed

Everyone can own Renie Bins remotely and earn a passive income .

100% managed

Every Renie bin is managed by our waste management partners

We are ambitious. Our 2023 goals are:


Renie Bins activated

+100 Milion

Datapoints monetised

+3.000 Tons

Plastic recycled


Stop taking responsibility for other brands.

Plastic credits

Reliable & verifiable

Accredited by 3rd party auditors

Renie Technology is not only audited by our partners but also by a 3th party auditor to assure trustworthy data & plastic credits

Partnered with plastic credit brokers

We partnered with Plastic credit exchange one of the biggest plastic credit brokers in the world to assure the highest standards.

Plastic pollution reduction standard

Renie follows the plastic pollution reduction standard in order to maximise our global impact.