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recycling today.

Thanks to Renie technology, you now have the opportunity to earn a monthly passive income by providing Renie bins. By providing Renie Bins, you increase plastic collection in an area and help divert plastic from landfills one Renie Bin at a time.

Get Access to Your Personal Provider Dashboard

Once you provide Renie Bins, you can see and keep track of them in your Provider Dashboard. From your dashboard, you can track everything, from the impact you make to the passive income your Renie Bins have generated for you.

We Monetize Data and Give Back to Our Community of Bin Providers

Renie Bins collect plastic waste, and our technology collects valuable data, which gets monetized through our partners. Because of this data monetization, we are able to give a passive income back to our community of Renie Bin providers based on the amount of plastic your Renie Bins have collected and recycled.

In partnership with

How we monetise data.

Plastic credits.

Thanks to plastic credit brokers who partner with Renie, we help multinational brands demonstrate their sustainable environmental impact and prove the amount of their plastic that is recycled in a 100% undeniable and verifiable way.


Part of the monetization of our data comes from marketing partners who receive accurate data on consumer behaviors regarding consumption and waste.

EPR legislation.

Renie technology is the solution for countries where extended producer responsibilities are legislated. Our technology provides undeniable and verifiable proof of the recycling of plastic packaging.

We are ambitious - our 2023 goals


Renie Bins to be activated

+100 Milion.

Datapoints to be monetised

+3.000 Tons

Plastic to be recycled


provides full transparency.

From the moment plastic packaging has been identified by a Renie Bin, a digital representation of that packaging is stored on decentralized blockchain technology. Our technology tracks the plastic packaging until it gets recycled in a 100% verifiable and undeniable way. We have chosen Celo as our blockchain partner because of their carbon-negative operations.

Management & service at no additional cost.

Our waste management partners will collect the plastic from the Renie Bins once they are full. The Renie team will handle any technical issues at no additional cost. You can track everything from your Provider Dashboard.

Waste management

All the Renie Bins are managed by our waste management partners at no additional cost.

No landfill

All our waste management and recycling partners have agreed to a 0% landfill policy.

Bin service

The Renie Bins are fully serviced at no additional cost.

Part replacement

In case any technical part fails, we will replace it at no additional cost.

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(full service for 3 years)